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PACSAFE Camsafe Z15 Camera F-FEEDS

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PACSAFE Camsafe Z15 Camera F-FEEDS (15525104)
PACSAFE Camsafe Z15 Camera F-FEEDS (15525104)
PACSAFE Camsafe Z15 Camera F-FEEDS (15525104)
PACSAFE Camsafe Z15 Camera F-FEEDS (15525104)
PACSAFE Camsafe Z15 Camera F-FEEDS (15525104)
PACSAFE Camsafe Z15 Camera F-FEEDS (15525104)

PACSAFE Camsafe Z15 Camera F-FEEDS

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Carrysafe® Slashguard Straps

Flexible, lightweight, stainless steel wire is integrated into our adjustable Carrysafe® straps making it invisible to the eye, yet very effective at preventing bag slashers from slicing through and running off with your gear.

eXomesh® Slashguard

Bag slashers often like to target outside fabric panels of bags (front, bottom or side), which cause valuables to fall out and into the palm of their hands. Our lightweight slashguards are built into (and concealed in)the most commonly vulnerable areas of the bag, protecting your gear from a quick slash-and-run theft. Our new eXomesh® protection in our luggage extends the full length of the bag protecting your gear from opportunistic theft or if it's snagged by a conveyor belt or luggage handlers.

Interlocking Zip Pullers

New interlocking zip pullers ingeniously slide on top of one another and interconnect making it harder for pickpockets to unzip your bag and whip out your valuables. When engaged with the Roobar™ even the most seasoned thieves will be left scratching their heads on how to unlock your bag.

RFIDsafe™ Blocking Pockets & Material

Most passports, credit cards and ID cards now contain a RFID micro-chip. This chip contains all your personal, sensitive information. Identity thieves are able to access this information from up to 10ft away with the help of an RFID reader. Our award-winning RFIDsafe™ blocking material prevents your data from falling into the wrong hands by blocking out virtually all transmissions between 10 MHz - 3 GHz, which covers the radio frequency used in e-passports, credit cards / smart cards and key cards.

Roobar™ Anti-Theft Anchor Lock

Help prevent pickpockets and bag snatchers by locking down zippers, slashguard anchor straps, locking cables and / or attach your bag to a secure fixture with the Roobar™ locking system. The Roobar™ also allows multiple compartments to be locked together with a single padlock.

Smart Zipper Security

Zipper pullers can be attached to discreet security hooks or placed under & through a secure tab to prevent pickpockets reaching into your bag

Turn & Lock Security Hooks

These small smart devices pack a whole lot of intelligence. The hook unfastens so that you can attach your bag to a secure fixture. What’s more, the smart hook has a special turning mechanism which actually locks the hook in place making it harder for a bag snatcher to make an easy getaway.

Zippered padded main compartment lined with brushed Polyester

Zippered front compartment with RFID blocking pocket

Organisation for electronics, SD cards and phone

Removable, padded, modular Velcro® dividers

Built-in lens cloth

Key clip and wallet ring

Fits most DSLR cameras with 1 mounted lens + 2 extra lenses + flash and battery pack

Padded iPad® / tablet compatible sleeve

Zippered compartment for A4 documents

Adjustable tripod attachment strap

Removable, padded, adjustable shoulder strap

Padded top carry handle

Snap button expandable side pocket

Pen holder

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